Things Take Time


I was trying to think about whether anything can happen without the passing of time.  I don’t think so.  Everything takes time.  Whether it’s something good or something bad it require time to manifest.  Of course, the amount of time varies but everything does take a certain amount of time.  We may want things to happen quickly, or instantly, but life simply doesn’t work that way.

What has me thinking about this passing of time is my current healing process, after having had shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago.  A lack of info from my doctor beforehand in regards to what I should expect post surgery sent me researching online.  Fortunately I came across a few very helpful sites that stated it would be 9-12 months before I should see full function and strength return after surgery.  This info helped me to have a general idea of what to anticipate and allowed me to be develop a realistic approach to healing, rather then set up intangible goals.  Often we have irrational and illogical ideas when it comes to how long we think things should take – whether it surrounds our losing weight, stopping smoking, mourning the loss of a loved one, finding a well matched mate, learning something new, cultivating closeness/friendship/community, healing from trauma or illness, transforming unskillful habit energies, or starting a new chapter in our lives.  Things take time.

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Where Strength Lies


Where is your attention?
Is it stuck in the past, if even only 10 minutes ago?
Is it trailing into the future, if only 10 minutes from now?
Is it attached to something you can do nothing about in the here and now?
Is your attention even aware it has wandered far, far away from this present moment?

A Walk in the Woods

A pic I took of an old trail sign - and then added some words to with Pic Monkey :)

A pic I took of an old trail sign – and then added some words         to with Pic Monkey :)

I’ve been starting to get a little restless, from having had shoulder surgery almost 3 weeks ago and still being in a sling and relatively one-handed.  So today I ventured out on my own for a walk in the woods.  Spending time with trees is good medicine.

There’s a spot in the Blue Mountain Recreation Area not far from my house that I especially like to go.  It has good parking and the wooded walking trail goes right by the Bitterroot River, which is a great bonus.  It was a sunny, warm day today and only a small handful of people were on the trail, which was also an added bonus.  I pulled up into a sliver of shade and then set out on foot with my ipod and camera in tow.

The sun rippled down through long strands of muted green grasses as boughs of pines and aspens swayed in the summer wind.  Large birds of prey were soaring with widely spread wings above the river and small song birds were singing long intertwining arias amongst the trees.

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Mindfulness as Medicine


A few days ago I finished the book I had been reading (Find the Good, Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small-Town Obituary Writer by Heather Lende).  Not knowing which book to start next, and having two of special interest that I recently purchased for our local mindfulness center library, I decided to do something I don’t usually do and started both books at the same time.  One of which is Sister Dang Nghiem’s book entitled Mindfulness as Medicine, the other is Silence by Thich Nhat Hanh, both of which have been published this year.

From Mindfulness as Medicine:

“As spiritual practitioners, we train our mind to anchor itself in our breath and body in our daily lives. Whenever a situation arises, however pleasant or unpleasant it is, we already have the capacity and skills to dwell in this awareness, which enables us to go through the process as peacefully and calmly as possible. This is the foundation for a healthy future. Thus, we see that pain is inevitable, but suffering is truly optional.”

Positive Attitude


Yesterday, as I was enjoying returning to my early morning routine after having had shoulder surgery last Monday, I casually sipped my tea and wrote this in my journal (left handed since my dominant right arm hangs in a sling):

The quality of our attitude is like the sun, orchestrating all things, giving life or taking it away depending on its position. A positive attitude, unobstructed, radiates strong upon every being in its wake – impeded by cloudy veils it does not extinguish.

Having spent the last week mainly in bed, attached to a cold therapy machine I’ve endearingly named Alexi, I’ve had some time on my hands and have been thinking about the importance of attitude, as it pertains to the quality of our lives.  It’s not fresh news to me that attitude is the critical component in living life well but I do still get much appreciated reminders of just how important it is, as has been the case since my surgery.

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Howdy blogging friends :)

Just as an FYI I wanted to let it be known that tomorrow morning I’ll be heading off for shoulder surgery.  I’ll be in a sling for around 6 weeks and will have very limited movement abilities at least for the first 2-4 weeks.  Since I’ll be down a wing, and my dominant hand, I will be MIA here on my blog for a little while – only time will tell as to how long.  I’ll be back as soon as I can be!

I’ll be with you all in spirit – and reading your posts as I heal and recover :)

Today is the day


Today is the Day!

Today is the day to look back over silly pictures I’ve taken of myself with (slightly manic but super well intentioned) popsicle stick friends named Ernesto

Today is the day to smile a smile so bright that its light enfolds into that of the sun’s and becomes one (I mean, we are made of the same stuff after all so I think it’s doable)

Today is the day to be filled with immense gratitude for every big & little thing I am so generously afforded (like hair clips, a refrigerator filled with food, and wi-fi)

Today is the best day because I am alive on this grand design of a planet co-mingling with every breath of every being in every moment (yes!)

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Five Senses


An almost full moon from my backyard on Tuesday night

With these two eyes I see the wide expanse of sky spread out above me, uniting the world under one sheet of moon and stars

With these two ears I can hear the melody of bird song in the trees, the voices of those I hold dear, and awesome music

With this nose I can breathe in and out with ease, smell the lovely fragrance of summer roses, fresh rain, and delicious food

With this mouth I can offer a friendly smile, laugh, sing, talk, drink refreshing water, and taste wonderful things like strawberries and cucumbers

With my sense of touch I can feel the wind blowing from over the ocean and mountains, the warmth radiating from the sun, and the soft fuzzy vibrating purr of my cat critters

What things do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel today?