Five Senses

02 Jul

An almost full moon from my backyard on Tuesday night

With these two eyes I see the wide expanse of sky spread out above me, uniting the world under one sheet of moon and stars

With these two ears I can hear the melody of bird song in the trees, the voices of those I hold dear, and awesome music

With this nose I can breathe in and out with ease, smell the lovely fragrance of summer roses, fresh rain, and delicious food

With this mouth I can offer a friendly smile, laugh, sing, talk, drink refreshing water, and taste wonderful things like strawberries and cucumbers

With my sense of touch I can feel the wind blowing from over the ocean and mountains, the warmth radiating from the sun, and the soft fuzzy vibrating purr of my cat critters

What things do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel today?


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