Today is the day


Today is the Day!

Today is the day to look back over silly pictures I’ve taken of myself with (slightly manic but super well intentioned) popsicle stick friends named Ernesto

Today is the day to smile a smile so bright that its light enfolds into that of the sun’s and becomes one (I mean, we are made of the same stuff after all so I think it’s doable)

Today is the day to be filled with immense gratitude for every big & little thing I am so generously afforded (like hair clips, a refrigerator filled with food, and wi-fi)

Today is the best day because I am alive on this grand design of a planet co-mingling with every breath of every being in every moment (yes!)

Today is the day to reach out with my heart and absorb all the beauty that is abundant and overwhelmingly splendid (did you see that broad-tailed hummingbird?!)

Today is the day to pump up great music (like Milky Chance and Bakermat and Rising Appalachia) and dance around the house

Today is the day to be (really) inspired by all of the (really) amazing people doing ordinary work

Today is the day I was born because everyday is precious, never to happen again (and, well, literally too because it just so happens that today is my birthday :)

 (if you want to check out an on the fly video I made this morning:

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