A Walk in the Woods

A pic I took of an old trail sign - and then added some words to with Pic Monkey :)

A pic I took of an old trail sign – and then added some words         to with Pic Monkey :)

I’ve been starting to get a little restless, from having had shoulder surgery almost 3 weeks ago and still being in a sling and relatively one-handed.  So today I ventured out on my own for a walk in the woods.  Spending time with trees is good medicine.

There’s a spot in the Blue Mountain Recreation Area not far from my house that I especially like to go.  It has good parking and the wooded walking trail goes right by the Bitterroot River, which is a great bonus.  It was a sunny, warm day today and only a small handful of people were on the trail, which was also an added bonus.  I pulled up into a sliver of shade and then set out on foot with my ipod and camera in tow.

The sun rippled down through long strands of muted green grasses as boughs of pines and aspens swayed in the summer wind.  Large birds of prey were soaring with widely spread wings above the river and small song birds were singing long intertwining arias amongst the trees.


The coolness of the water on my feet, the solidity of rock and earth under my footsteps, the sweet smell of ponderosa bark, the warmth of the sun trickling down on my skin, the mixing of summer sky, river, and mountain side blues, the dancing shadows – nature’s abundance enveloped my senses and eased my restless bones.

My attention was held first by the trees and then by the wind.  It then went on to be cradled by everything else surrounding me.

I stopped to greet the river and built a one-handed cairn:


I stopped to enjoy the indescribable scent and reddened beauty of a ponderosa pine tree:


I stopped to tilt my face towards the sun:


I stopped to listen to the wind and to feel it weave itself through the meadow and my long hair:


I went for a walk in the woods today and enjoyed every sun drenched, summer infused minute.


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