Mining for Gold


Photo by Bill McDavid


I know at times it feels dark and bleak

to encounter the news –

or another day, or life.

I know when you feel uncertain

it’s the best case scenario,

as the more common alternatives are

fear and anger

and hopelessness.

I know that sometimes you wonder

how things could possibly get any worse;

and then they do

and you feel broken

all over again.


I also know that raging beauty

and unbounded goodness

and decency exist –

not only out right for all to see

but buried like treasure in the hearts of men,

all men.

So please, dear ones,

take my hand,

and let us become miners

in search of it.

Am I Sure?


Today I attended the 2014 Mansfield Conference at the University of Montana (UM) entitled: Fight for Hope & Freedom, Human Trafficking, Montana & The World.  It was open and free to the public so I went simply as a concerned  citizen wanting to learn and understand more about this global problem.  I knew very little about human trafficking going into this conference so I learned quite a bit and appreciated the speakers and the information they shared.

I went into this conference thinking of how to transfer my experience today into a blog post.  I took notes and collected handouts throughout the day – I even took pictures!  But as I sit here now typing I am not as interested in painting a picture that includes all of the statistics, facts, studies, numbers, and evidence based information that I learned about today.  Instead, I would like to talk about how we as mindful practitioners might better be able to stay informed about heavy, challenging world affairs without becoming overwhelmed or cynical.

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