Gatha above my bathroom sink

Gatha above my bathroom sink

Some of my much appreciated loyal readers may remember my posting many months ago that I was starting on the grand adventure of writing a book on mindfulness and the cultivation of joy.  As a three word update on how the process is going: The writing continues!

Inspired by a section of the book I was working on earlier today I thought I would write here about the wonderful use of gathas.  The word gatha is sanskrit meaning: verse.  More specifically it refers to a short mindfulness verse which can help remind us to return back to the present moment in whatever task we find ourselves in throughout the day.  The gatha above sits above my bathroom sink.  Years ago I used a magazine cut out and typed up the verse and put it together.  There are many pre-written ones within Thich Nhat Hanh’s tradition, like the one above, and I also like to compose my own, such as this one I have in my car:

Gatha in my car (which sits inside my steering wheel in the area where an airbag once deployed with the previous owner)

Gatha in my car

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