Mindfulness in Motion

Thich Nhat Hanh calligraphy

Thich Nhat Hanh calligraphy

Here is one of my newest spoken word pieces (and you can watch my video by following the link below):

In Flight

There’s a tiny, thin, see-through curtain dividing first class and coach seating on this plane,                                                   how appropriate as an analogy describing how we’re all in this together –                                                                          this life, this flight….same thing.  Sure we may be separated but the degree is small, frail, fleeting, self-imposed and largely ridiculous, much like the see-through curtain.

Ya know how it is that we question how others don’t think, act, behave, and do things the way we do things, well, on that note I wonder how it is that there can be so many seemingly complacent frowning faces on airplanes high in the sky doing something so remarkable and amazing as flying.  I want my voice to bellow over the speakers but unlike when the pilot comes on with his spiel I want people to hear what I’m saying un-garbled when I call out, “Friends look around, do you know, really know we’re flying?  Do you know this is awesome!”

I love it all – from the flight safety information cards in the seat pocket in front of me (which I tend to steal) to the tiny windows, overhead push button lights, tray tables, and stale air vents.  It’s so easy to be content only we fight against it not knowing that our quality of life rests in our ability to go with the flow, not understanding that what we water is what grows and the more we frown the more we keep frowning and the more we smile the more we keep smiling and the more time we spend compiling reasons to be happy the less we’ll have time for complaining when things don’t go exactly as planned, which they rarely do.

So buckle up my in flight friends.  The fasten seat belt sign is lit.  Enjoy this moment, right here and right now, cause this moment, this life, this flight… this is it!