For about 2 1/2 years now I’ve been wearing pretty much the same outfit everyday.  I have about four plain, green, long sleeve shirts and about four brown pairs of pants.  In the summer I have four plain, green, short sleeve shirts.  In addition to my regular garb I have some work clothes I keep around for gardening or changing the oil in my car, pajamas, a few layering items for when it’s really cold out, and a small handful of other clothing items.  I own three pairs of shoes: my brown crocs that I wear about 75-80% of the year, a pair of snow boots, and my motorcycle boots.  I don’t have a lot of clothing and I have all I need.

Yesterday I met with a friend for lunch who wanted to ask me about minimalism.  She’s starting a monthly group on the subject in a couple of weeks and wanted to chat about how I personally apply the concepts of minimalism in my own life.  While I had never thought of myself as a minimalist, per say, as we talked more about it and she asked me some questions I realized that I did fit the “profile” (of course there are many ways to practice minimalism and it can be adapted in different ways for different lifestyles).  Her first question was about how I limit the amount of belongings we have.  I responded by saying that my husband and I had a leg up, so to speak, in that our house is under 600 square feet with no basement and no attic, thereby naturally limiting the amount of space we have to collect things we don’t really need.  When you have a small house you have to use the space you do have creatively and efficiently, there’s simply no room for useless belongings and clutter.  The bigger your house is the more likely you will feel drawn to filling it up with stuff.

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