Forehead to the Ground

When I bend down
and touch my forehead to the ground
in gratitude,
I am pretty sure the
aging leaves still clinging
to the two elm trees in the backyard
murmur in resonance.

I am pretty sure
it calls birds in closer and
inspires the squirrels
to lean in to listen more intently
and the roots of the front yard
mountain ash to dig down a little deeper.

I am pretty sure
a shifting in the air can be felt
and the moon in her wisdom clad gown
sits a touch more upright
in her royal posture.

Winter to Spring

As winter acquiesces to springtime in the mountains,

light peals back the darkness of morning

earlier and earlier,

and stays later and later

each day.

Like a dinner party invitee,

The Light is akin to that dude who

awkwardly and unexpectedly arrives

way ahead of the appointed time of the soiree.

And later,

after all the food is gone and the dishes are put away,

and the roar of the fire is down to its flickering embers,

The Light is that last lingering guest,

begging the host to question:

What the heck is this guy still doing here?

Sangha Camping

Flathead Lake at Sunset at Big Arm State Park in Big Arm, Montana

Flathead Lake at Sunset at Big Arm State Park in Big Arm, Montana

This past weekend our Be Here Now Sangha went on an informal camping trip to Big Arm State Park on the Flathead Lake in Big Arm, Montana.  On Friday night we had 7 people and by late afternoon on Saturday we were up to 12 folks in all.  It was a nice time of being together as a community of friends while spending time outside on the lake.

I enjoyed the fact that in our small group we had two kids and folks in all of the decades of 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s – and even two dog friends.  The intermingling of ages is something I really appreciate about Be Here Now.  At our weekly sangha meetings it’s not uncommon to see the same spread of ages in our circles and I think that’s great.

On Friday night we had a little bit of weather roll in over the lake that brought some big wind gusts, flashing lightening, a beautiful mix of colors in the clouds, and just a slight sprinkle of rain.  We arrived around 7:00pm on Friday with time to set up our tents and enjoy the lake a bit before the sun went down.  And after the quick tempered winds passed by we were left with a very still and quiet night.

Sunrise over the Flathead Lake on Saturday August 10th

Sunrise over the Flathead Lake on Saturday August 10th

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