A gibbous moon sits slowly descending in the sky
like a thumbprint of the universe
marking its existence beyond the reach
of even our wildest imagination

To the east, clouds of plum and amethyst
coral and Brazilian pink opal
prelude the sun’s return
as all across the north eyes awaken from slumber
in waves rippling along the shores of vast plains of time

Places with similar buildings to our town’s own
similar lives being either valued, or not so much,
similar roadways and playgrounds and diners
Each one unique and just like the other
sprawling itself open and out
like a body stretching as far as it can

In looking to the horizon
our shadows cast upon the ground
as an echo of that in which we will always remain,
an energetic exchange of the elements
being carried on the winds of change

(today’s post from my writer’s facebook page)

The Quality of our Steps


Currently I am house sitting for a good friend of mine for the whole month of September.  I’m also taking care of her two dogs, of which I have a daily walking regiment around the neighborhood with.  How wonderful it is to get outside and walk and take the time to get in touch with beauty and gratitude!  I don’t have dogs myself so I’m not used to walking simply for the sake of walking.  I would highly recommend it.

Today I found the first autumn leaf on the ground a few blocks away (see pic above).  While we were walking the sky was filled with blues and grays as the sun was popping in and out of the clouds.  We passed by incredibly beautiful full leafed green trees, large ink black crows, sweet faced children, and abodes of all different kinds with flowers and herbs and cats and bikes in the yard.  I could smell the hint of the rain that had just fallen melting into the earth and roots.  And for a few moments I saw a small portion of a rainbow set against the mountains.

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