And that’s okay

This is me practicing with the self-compassion phrase: and that’s okay. As in:

I am not functioning optimally…and that’s okay.

I am feeling drained and unmotivated…and that’s okay.

I am getting overwhelmed by small things…and that’s okay.

I am shutting down quickly when I am confronted with challenges…and that’s okay.

I do not feel mentally and emotionally well in balance right now…and that’s okay.

I am vegging out to more shows on Hulu than I would like to be…and that’s okay.

I feel slow and lethargic…and that’s okay.

I feel un-tethered…and that’s okay.

I am on the verge of tears and I don’t really know why…and that’s okay.

I am getting irritated and frustrated at the drop of a hat…and that’s okay.

I am not operating as I usually do…and that’s okay.

I am struggling…and that’s okay.





I’ve been thinking about the subject of priorities lately. About how everything comes down to what we prioritize in our lives – what we choose to invest our time into. But it’s the “choice factor” that trips people up most often. Speaking in a collective fashion, we tend to engage with the world around us as though we were victims. Victims of our harried schedule, our work, our circumstances, our upbringing, our causes and conditions. What we have trouble seeing and understanding is that victim-hood is a state of thinking, not a state of BEING.

The possibility exists for us to live our lives un-dramatized, un-apologetically, and un-fettered. The possibility exists for us to step fully into the life we’ve created for our self and embrace it as the series of choices it really is. The so-called burdens that we face are commonly the manifestations of where we place our thoughts and our motivations regarding the actions that ensue.

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