Present Moment, Wonderful (Rainy) Moment

Weather photo from the Missoulian from Sept. 3rd. By Carson C., 10 years old. (I'm pretty sure the words on the right say Noodles Express :)

Weather pic from the Missoulian by 10 year old Carson C. – the words on the right say Noodles Express :)

Yesterday morning I woke up at 4:00am to the wonderful sound of rain outside.  Situated here in the Rocky Mountains we’ve been in the midst of a very active fire season this year, along with our northwestern neighbors of Idaho and Washington.  While fire season is nothing new around these parts I was reading in the news that the severity of our air quality has been the most troublesome its been in over 10 years.  And, the article noted, fire season isn’t over for us yet.  We got a little reprieve from our dry, smokey conditions by getting some much needed rain yesterday, with lower than average temperatures rolling in.

I had such a lovely morning yesterday – listening to the rain, sipping tea, and starting a new book I was eager to read.  My living room window was open and the cool, dark morning air sifted in along with the sweet sound of the rain.  I opened the front door and the rich fragrance of wet earth was simply amazing.  On Wednesday I had stopped to smell some beautiful roses whose scent was similar in nature – incredible beyond words.  Breathing in deeply the perfumed morning air yesterday a thought arose, Never before have I inhaled such a wonderful aromatic bouquet!   And then I remembered thinking the same thing about the roses from the day before.  One of the things I most appreciate about having a mindfulness practice is the power to transform everyday situations into precious moments – where every rose and rainstorm have the ability to be the best smelling rose and rainstorm ever.  I am so grateful for being in touch with a practice whose foundation is that each present moment has the capacity to be the most wonderful moment.

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It’s Snowing!


It is snowing beautifully right now.  Here in the mountains of Montana the start of spring is more of a loose guideline rather than a hard fact.  In general, our seasons of both fall and spring are somewhat short.  We have a beautiful summer which lasts about 2 months and then a long winter.  And we have a saying here in Montana: If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.

While the official start of spring was March 21st it does not dictate our weather here in Montana.  While warm sunny days will start appearing with the start of spring it does not mean the sudden end to wintery weather.  But despite the fact that snow is very normal spring mountain weather for us well into April and even May and despite the fact that many people have lived here for handfuls of years and experienced this, still there is a large consensus of folks that think the first sunny day after the start of spring marks the end of all winter weather and they are hopeful it will remain sunny and warm until fall begins in September.  Which is completely an unrealistic way of thinking.

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