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Thanksgiving Community Potluck

Thanksgiving Community Potluck

Community building is something I prioritize and greatly enjoy putting time and energy into.  If it involves bringing people together I’m all for it – whether it’s a potluck, celebration event, club meeting, sangha circle, sporting event, performance, getting tea with a friend, or a family gathering the power of coming together with others is just awesome!

I have the wonderful opportunity to come together with others in a multitude of ways from helping to facilitate my sangha on Monday nights to working with middle school students to volunteering with hospice to leading board meetings and hosting community events and potlucks.  It is a joy and a gift to be able to come together with others.

A few weeks ago I helped to host a community Thanksgiving meal at our house – last weekend I put on an open mic night at our local meditation center – yesterday I attended our annual solstice celebration at our meditation center – and tomorrow I’m looking forward to our annual white elephant gift exchange with my local sangha Be Here Now.  Sharing food over Thanksgiving, sharing music and creativity at our open mic night, and sharing silence and stories at the solstice event puts me in touch with a deep well of gratitude.  I am because my community is.  I am inspired, filled up, supported, and transformed by all of the many wonderful folks I come into contact with.

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Mindful Cooking


Butternut squash, Step 1

In preparation for Thanksgiving tomorrow I took to the kitchen today to do some cooking.  I made the decision to make what I could make today rather than feel rushed tomorrow in putting everything together.  For the past few years I’ve been hosting a community potluck Thanksgiving dinner either at the mindfulness center or at my house and we invite anyone from our meditation groups and beyond to join us.  Oftentimes our community potlucks through the year are vegetarian but on Thanksgiving we have traditional holiday food alongside  vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.  It is such a gift to be able to come together as friends and enjoy a fresh delicious meal together on Thanksgiving.  This year we’ll have around 14 people for dinner :)

Butternut squash peeling prep - Stage 2

Butternut squash peeling prep, Step 2

For a vegan main dish item I decided to go with one of my favorite autumn/winter soups: butternut squash soup.  Yesterday I went to our local organic food market (The Good Food Store) with a friend of mine and we did our turkey day shopping together.  As I was looking around the large wooden box full of an assortment of beautiful local Montana grown squash I found the largest butternut squash of the bunch and took him home.  As we have a tendency to name inanimate things here in our household my 14-year old son took straight away in giving him a name when he got home from school: Lumpkin :)

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