Lion’s Roar

Each of us is sifting in a myriad of personality traits and qualities of being.
Hold each one,
however contrasting they may seem to be.
Do not pick and choose which ones
to present to the people.
Do not hide or squelch or push away
those parts you wish were other than as they are.
Hiding does you no good, my dear.
Step into the light.
Step into it all the way.
Do not tow behind you pieces which stay
in the shadows of shame.
Bring fully of yourself to the glory of being human,
from the fluidity of liquids to the hardness of bones.

Life is short and ever-changing.

Absorb these truths like the most fragrant words
offered by your most beloved.
Let them give rise to freedom.

Just Be


Part of what I love about cultivating a mindfulness practice and Thich Nhat Hanh’s tradition is that what we are being drawn towards and connected to is the art of simply being just as we are.  To embrace ourselves fully and engage with life and those around us fully.  To open our mind and our heart and let it all in.

There is nothing special we need to do, no one in particular we need to show up as.  We do what we are already doing and we continue to be as we already are.  We aren’t waiting for life to get better or for ourselves to “improve” because life is amazing and awesome right now  – and so are we!

Sometimes the most beneficial thing for us to do is to just be.