Ode to Cantaloupe

Ode to Cantaloupe

Dear local Dixon Melons, vine-ripened in Montana,

As soon as I walked into the Good Food Store this morning, I could smell your delicious fragrance perfuming the air – it was then that I knew that today was the day I’ve long waited for, my most favorite day of the summer. Today, was Dixon Melon day!

I was there at the GFS only 3 days ago – I looked for you, then, but sadly you were not there. But today?! Huzzah!! I left the store victorious, with a joyful plan to feast upon you with every meal for the rest of the weekend!

So, thanks, and stuff, for like, ya know, growing and being super awesome – truth be told, though, I’m a little sore at you for spoiling all other cantaloupe for me. In the famed words of Sinead O’Connor: Nothing compares to you.

In gratitude for my local Dixon Melon farmers,

Mindful Morning Saturday

I awoke just before 4:30am and turned on my Mighty Bright book light made in China, patents pending, and slid out from under a mismatched set of sheets, one fashioned from organic cotton made in India and the other I got from the Goodwill, who’s tag I was unable to locate while groping around in the dark trying not to disturb my sleeping husband.

After reciting my daily morning verse: Waking up, my smile greets a brand new day, I padded into the bathroom where I proceeded to use recycled toilet paper, glide on some Tom’s of Maine unscented deodorant, made in the USA, wash my face with 85% organic ingredient soap “made with care in Missoula, Montana,” and run a brush through my hair that I bought in Paris upon realizing that I had managed to hop across the pond without a detangling stick. A brush, I might add, that must’ve been made outside of China, due to its lack of stamped mention of a country of origin.

I then found myself in the kitchen turning on the electric tea kettle, made in China and sporting the words “Do not immerse in water” in five different languages engraved on the bottom, and readying my morning gunpowder green tea, which I order online and has Chinese writing emblazoned on the packaging. And I sip said tea slowly from my most favorite hand-crafted clay mug made by my friend Drew (see pic above), as I ease into the day.

And the day will proceed onward in this fashion – I will use and encounter an endless array of items and products, from both near and far flung places. My day-to-day activities will be due to an endless sea of people having created, fashioned, and made possible my way of living.

What most struck me this morning, as I was fine tuning my attention to my routine, was how much the presence of water factors into my day – and how often I take it for granted. In operation of the toilet, washing my face and hands, preparing tea, boiling eggs for breakfast, filling the cats water bowl, washing dishes, drinking, showering… Being able to turn a handle and have clean water dispensed is a miracle of convenience I don’t think enough about.

So, today, among other things, I celebrate water :)

Flight Travel


Part of me has always figured I’d make a good flight attendant. It’s the part of me that has to tuck her head in-between her knees for the 20 minutes prior to landing that has reservations. But other than the debilitating wave of vertigo and nausea that strikes me upon descent I’d be a shoe-in.

I love flying and I love people. It’s not that I love the flying itself. I love the flying experience. And it’s not so much that I love people individually but more that I love the experience of people.

As I’ve met only 1 or 2 others who don’t detest participating in metal-winged travel, I’d take great pride in being the flight attendant to help shift the collective pool of shared consciousness. The way I see it, we’ve been programmed to hate flying. And our hate spreads like the plague infecting everyone in our wake, thereby perpetuating and strengthening our cultural distaste.

The super good news is that hate isn’t the only thing that spreads. Positivity spreads, too. With my brass wings pin glinting in unison with my smile I’d win over one sour-puss traveler at a time, convincing them that enjoying the flight far exceeds loathing it, in the quality-of-life department.

As I made my way through the cabin handing out tiny, scratchy pillows, tiny plastic cups filled with 80% ice and 20% ginger ale, and tiny packets of peanuts, I’d throw in my cheery disposition free of charge, slyly coaxing others to rewrite a new internal story about what it means to partake in the awesomeness of flight travel.

P.S This post and yesterday’s post I borrowed from my writer’s facebook page, but many of my FB posts don’t travel here to my blog. If you’re interested in reading my daily musings please check out my page: https://www.facebook.com/InMindfulMotion/

Happy & Hella in Love


I feel it’s worth mentioning/announcing/declaring/celebrating, even at the risk of sounding all puppies and rainbows, that I am a happy person, with the added awesome benefit of being super in love with my husband. Funny how “puppies and rainbows” can be viewed as some kind of disingenuous statement, as though someone couldn’t POSSIBLY be THAT level of happy, without putting on some serious airs. But I truly am that kind of happy. And since it’s so very easy to hear from people about how their life sucks and they’re unsatisfied and full of fear and worry about the future and on and on, I thought it might provide a satisfying breath of fresh air to hear about how someone (me) is full of happiness, love and great levels of satisfaction in the present, and a trust that what will unfold in the future is part of what needs to happen in the grand scheme of life.

I was hesitant to offer a post about this, for fear of alienating/offending those who do honestly feel quite discontent. But as it is not my intention to make anyone feel badly, I was compelled to step into this discomfort in order to elevate my platform that happiness is indeed possible. So here’s what I’d like to share:

10 Things I Do To Ensure that Happiness is Possible:

1. I wake up early, meditate for 30 minutes (6 days a week), and end each meditation with a gratitude practice.

2. I prioritize self-care and nourishment.

3. I actively practice to simplify my lifestyle.

4. I don’t wallow in challenges when they arise. I acknowledge them, accept them, and move forward.

5. I devote my time to the service, care, and support of others.

6. I make time to do the things I enjoy doing – and I also diligently practice to enjoy the things I do.

7. I practice to deepen my self-awareness and investigate my habit energies.

8. I revel in music (listening, playing, singing, dancing, going to live shows).

9. I stay in close contact with my spiritual community and surround myself with lovely people.

10. I absorb from others what they have to offer and teach me and continue to thirst for more.

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