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Solo Retreat, Part 3 of 3

Written on Sunday June 18th, 2017


From my early morning journaling on sunrise patrol (hence pics above):

4:11am – A triangle of light glistens between two eastern peaks. 51 degrees.
4:22am – Outlines of each mountain are gathering distinction from their darkened counterpart above.
4:25am – A drop of light is tossed over to beckon through another soft dip in the ridge.
4:26am – An unassuming rain falls, almost as an afterthought. 51 degrees.
4:28am – Local bird residents become audible.
4:32am – An artistic rendering of budding light and swirling watercolor clouds paint the horizon in deep blues, black violet, and white turquoise.
4:41am – Pine tree silhouettes come into view, accenting the skyline with their bristled scruff tops.
4:45am – Dawn has penetrated the veil of night in every cardinal direction – no longer is coal the dominant hue of the sky. 51 degrees.
4:53am – The vertical ocean of clouds assumed a color scheme I associate somehow with the energy of dwindling hope.
5:01am – Almost all of the surrounding landscape is bathed in partial faded light.
5:08am – Foothills and fence-line reveal themselves anew, as though it were the first day of their creation.
5:17am – A sliver of brilliant golden rose appears right where the very first light penetrated the night sky.
5:28am – Sage, moss, and forest greens sip their first taste of the white-silver morning.
5:36am – Smokey pink-creme rays spiral up like tufts of steam into the soft din of low-hanging clouds.
5:39am – A lone cow elk cameos on scene. Still holding at 51 degrees.
6:08am – 50 degrees.
6:21am – 49 degrees. (Hmmm.)
8:31am – What I was waiting for to end this sequence has finally happened – 52 degrees!


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Lake Como, Montana

Lake Como, Montana

              Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard. ~Standing Bear                     

To become more connected to ourselves, others, our surroundings, nature, and the greater wide world I think is what life is all about.  Cultivating a mindfulness practice is all about connection.  Dwelling happily in the here and now is directly related to how connected we are in the present moment.

Yesterday I went to Lake Como in the Bitterroot valley (located in western Montana).  Along with my mom, stepson, and one of his friends we went on a hike partway around the lake.  We were hoping to make it to the waterfall but we had to let go of our destination due to lack of time (If you zoom in to the pic above you’ll be able to see the waterfall across the lake).  Alongside the lake trail were wild roses deep pink and fragrant, hillsides splayed with long blades of thick green grass, inclined fields of great craggy rocks, and rust colored trunks of Ponderosas.  While walking along a nature trail it is wonderfully difficult to not be absorbed into one’s surroundings.  Connection is inevitable within the embrace of nature – sometimes it might take a little while to allow the weights we carry to be put down but, if given the proper amount of time, connection comes quite organically.

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Sangha Camping

Flathead Lake at Sunset at Big Arm State Park in Big Arm, Montana

Flathead Lake at Sunset at Big Arm State Park in Big Arm, Montana

This past weekend our Be Here Now Sangha went on an informal camping trip to Big Arm State Park on the Flathead Lake in Big Arm, Montana.  On Friday night we had 7 people and by late afternoon on Saturday we were up to 12 folks in all.  It was a nice time of being together as a community of friends while spending time outside on the lake.

I enjoyed the fact that in our small group we had two kids and folks in all of the decades of 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s – and even two dog friends.  The intermingling of ages is something I really appreciate about Be Here Now.  At our weekly sangha meetings it’s not uncommon to see the same spread of ages in our circles and I think that’s great.

On Friday night we had a little bit of weather roll in over the lake that brought some big wind gusts, flashing lightening, a beautiful mix of colors in the clouds, and just a slight sprinkle of rain.  We arrived around 7:00pm on Friday with time to set up our tents and enjoy the lake a bit before the sun went down.  And after the quick tempered winds passed by we were left with a very still and quiet night.

Sunrise over the Flathead Lake on Saturday August 10th

Sunrise over the Flathead Lake on Saturday August 10th

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