A Sunday Walk


I’ve been putting some intentional effort to get out and go for a short walk once or twice a week around my neighborhood.  A lot of my time is spent writing or on the computer and I just don’t get enough movement and exercise in my day.  I went for about a 40 minute walk just a little bit ago.  It’s a lovely, sunny, autumn day here in the mountains.

It’s a nice way to develop a deeper connection to one’s neighborhood by going for walks around them.  I like to take different routes and go down streets I never had before.  Some particular things I enjoyed seeing on my walk today were: a long legged dog rolling around enthusiastically on its back in the dirt, an older man operating what appeared to be a home-made remote control lawn mower, a parade of yellow leaves floating down a nearby stream, and a tree trunk that was twisted around itself.

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Red Sun Labyrinth


Today I went on an impromptu solo excursion to Redsun Labyrinth.  Located about 40 miles from town in the Bitterroot Mountains the labyrinth sits on private land and is simply beautiful.  It is easy to find and lovingly maintained.  Luckily there are easy to follow signs guiding and welcoming you along the way to the labyrinth because with it inhabiting private land it’s a bit counterintuitive to simply park in a stranger’s driveway and walk in through their front gate past their house and over their lawn (which is what you have to do).  The fact that the labyrinth is open to the public, sits on privately owned land, and simply operates on general trust and donations is pretty spectacular.


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New Paths

Local labyrinth

Local labyrinth

A couple of years ago I heard about there being a labyrinth at a local church.  Mostly I’ve forgotten about it altogether but when it has come to mind it’s one of those I-should-check-that-out-sometime moments.  So having some time to myself over the weekend I finally went to check it out.

After a quick internet search I discovered it was only a few blocks from my house.  So I grabbed my camera and a water bottle, turned on my ipod, hopped on my bike, and headed over.  To my surprise the labyrinth was behind a church that, while I’ve passed by it before, never noticed.  It’s funny what one can pass by for so long and never see.

The labyrinth sits next to a lovely community garden full of herbs, flowers, and vegetables and follows (I think) this traditional pattern:

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