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Local labyrinth

Local labyrinth

A couple of years ago I heard about there being a labyrinth at a local church.  Mostly I’ve forgotten about it altogether but when it has come to mind it’s one of those I-should-check-that-out-sometime moments.  So having some time to myself over the weekend I finally went to check it out.

After a quick internet search I discovered it was only a few blocks from my house.  So I grabbed my camera and a water bottle, turned on my ipod, hopped on my bike, and headed over.  To my surprise the labyrinth was behind a church that, while I’ve passed by it before, never noticed.  It’s funny what one can pass by for so long and never see.

The labyrinth sits next to a lovely community garden full of herbs, flowers, and vegetables and follows (I think) this traditional pattern:

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