Deer Park, Day Twenty-One

Basket of tangerines (to give away during TET)

Basket of tangerines (to give away during TET)

(I figured since my Day Twenty post was so short, and it goes along with Day Twenty-One, that I would offer two posts today :)


Deer Park, Day Twenty-One

(written on Friday January 31st)


Last night after the New Year’s Eve Ceremony I didn’t get into bed until just after 1:00am.  So I’ve just woken up and am now in the dining hall.  I don’t often have dreams, or perhaps it’s that I simply don’t remember them if I do.  But I woke up this morning from a vivid dream that made me want to spring out of bed so that I wouldn’t fall back asleep and return to it.  When I do have dreams they tend to be bad dreams and many times I will wake up crying, half still asleep and half awake.  In my dream this morning I approached a building at night.  It was very quiet and no one was outside.  As I got closer to the building I saw a baby lying on the concrete curb separating the parking lot from some landscaping around the building.  The baby was crying.  It was cold outside and there was only a thin yellow blanket under the baby, but not wrapping over top.  Instinctively I looked around quickly, saw no one, and picked up the baby.  I straightened the baby’s clothes, to cover as much skin as possible for warmth, and swaddled the baby in the blanket.  I went inside the building and it was a college dorm.  I went to the front desk to ask them about this baby I had just found and the guy told me it was Elahee’s baby.  I asked about where to find him and he directed me down the hall, third door on the right.  As I went down the hall there were many guys walking around in big open rooms.  The doors into the rooms were confusing and I wasn’t sure I was in the right spot.  I entered and asked loudly so everyone could hear me, “Are any of you Elahee?”  Everyone stopped but no one responded.  I asked again and still no response came.  The room I was in housed international students and everyone was of a non-Caucasian ethnicity, mostly from Africa and India it seemed.

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