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Theory vs. Experience

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#1 Bigfoot exists you know.
#2 Umm, no, I didn’t know.
#1 It’s true!
#2 How come no one’s ever definitively discovered one then?
#1 They live in really remote, densely wooded areas. And they’re very reclusive.
#2 Well, how come no one has ever, like, stumbled across even a skeleton?
#1 Well, they’re a lot like bears that way – you never find full bear skeletons in the woods either.
#2 Hmm.
#1 So many predators feed on them leaving nothing behind.
#2 Yeah, but, like, you know what we DO find in the woods?
#1 What?
#2 Bears.

Possible Moral: Personal experience outweighs abstract theory.


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