Continuation Day


Today is my birthday :)  I’m celebrating my 35th trip around the sun today.  In our tradition, of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing, we use the term Continuation Day in place of Birthday because of the nature of no birth and no death.  Within the bounds of science (and buddhism) we know that nothing is born and nothing dies, matter cannot be created or destroyed it simply changes form.  It’s more accurate to think in terms of continuation.  Before I was born I existed inside of my mother and before that I existed within my mother and father and before that within my grandparents and onwards back within my ancestors.  I am the continuation of an unfolding fabric.

My existence is due to many many causes and conditions coming together.  I see my gratitude for my mom and dad.  I see my gratitude for the earth that provides me with everything that I need.  I see my gratitude for my community of friends and family.  I see my gratitude for this practice, for my teachers, and for my worldwide sangha of brothers and sisters.

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