Vision Board


A few weeks ago I was invited to meet up with a couple of friends in order to work on a vision board.  The plan was to gather up our art supplies and set an intentional time in which to work on this project together.  I had never done a vision board before and was honestly more drawn to simply supporting my friend’s idea of wanting to do this more so than the actual doing of it was concerned but I was plenty happy to figure out just what the heck I would put on my board when the time came.

Before my friends and I met up for the first time a few weeks ago I mentioned the project to my husband Mike and said, “Gosh I really have no idea what to put on my vision board.”  With quickness and ease he offered, “Why don’t you include stuff about our wanting to find land and build a practice community?”  Huzzah!  Of course!  That was the perfect idea!  Thank goodness for getting inspiration from those around us :)

Ever since we met my husband and I have held the dream of buying land and building our own house.  Over the years our vision has expanded to include a mindfulness practice center with retreat and communal living opportunities.  We’ve been loosely looking at land and wish to amp up our efforts this coming year.  So doing a vision board to help set our intentions in this direction was well timed.

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