Juice Fasting

Fresh produce for juicing

Fresh organic produce for juicing

Tonight is my start of a 3-day juice fast.  I’ve been doing juice fasts 2-3 times a year for the past few years and find that they help to cleanse and reboot my system.  I’ve also found that they are very beneficial in getting me back on track with eating better when my strong habit energy of consuming too many sugary foods sends me off balance (as in my tendency).

I’ve tried other types of fasting in the past and have found that my body responds the best with juice fasts.  I have a great Champion Juicer that a good friend lent me years ago and hasn’t needed back yet which I’ve been using happily.  To do a juice fast you need a juicer that can separate out the juice and the pulp most efficiently.

In the interest of time and energy I only prepare juice once a day, rather than making individual fresh juice for each meal and snack.  So I make a big batch of veggie juice and a big batch of fruit juice at the start of the day (although I made them up tonight for tomorrow since I started my fast tonight) so that I am not having to prepare produce and clean the machine multiple times a day.  I read in a juicing book long ago that it’s best not to mix fruits and veggies in the same juice while fasting (due to how they are digested) so I keep them in separate juices and alternate between them during the day.

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