Yesterday, Sunday May 11th, I helped to organize what was entitled a Community Celebration at Ten Spoons winery and vineyard here in Missoula.  The event was to celebrate the community volunteers, organizers, and city officials for the efforts, care, and time involved with the avalanche that took place here in March.  It was also a time to honor and remember the woman who died as a result of her injuries sustained in the avalanche.

Despite the morning snow, chilly temperatures, and gray skies dozens of folks came out for the gathering.  We had live music, a free raffle with lots of great donated items, speakers, and a wonderful spread of food.  The event also allowed for the display of the many many prayer flags that have been made since the avalanche, in memory of the woman who passed away.  The goal is to fly them temporarily on Mount Jumbo over the avalanche slide area, which is pending city approval.


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Community Support

Avalanche in Missoula, MT, February 28th, 2014

Avalanche in Missoula, MT.  February 28th, 2014


On Friday February 28th an avalanche, said to have picked up speeds of 120 mph, sped down Mount Jumbo here in our mountain town of Missoula, Montana in an area known as the Rattlesnake.  It slammed into a two-story house and damaged parts of other homes nearby.  The owners of the house, an older couple, and a young boy, who had been outside playing in the snow, were all buried in the wake of the torrent of snow.  All three were rescued and still remain in the hospital, one in critical condition.

Avalanche in Missoula, MT.  February 28th, 2014.

Avalanche in Missoula, MT. February 28th, 2014

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