Be Good To People

At the end of January, I met someone who had a water bottle that donned the words: Be good to people and I fell in love with the messaging straight away. I even took a picture of it, so I’d remember it later on. Wanting to find the water bottle online for potential purchase, I looked it up on Amazon to no avail and simply gave up.

Flash forward to a month later (aka: late February). There I was in the Denver airport with a 3-hour layover, walking around and looking at the plethora of food options I had the luxury of choosing from, when what do I stumble upon but an entire BGTP kiosk!

I purchased a 10-pack of stickers and a wrist band that I’ve been wearing daily ever since. When searching online for the water bottle, turns out I wasn’t invested enough to search outside of the world of Amazon. Little did I know the BGTP messaging is the work of one specialty company with its own website.

It’s such a simple message: Be good to people. And it’s also a deep teaching; a rich practice; an incredibly important call to action.

And it’s had me reflecting on what it really means to be good to people. Encountering great messaging and great teachings is one thing and putting them into active play in my daily life is a whole other thing. And that’s what’s important to me: the how. How do I apply this to my daily life in my daily interactions?

What first comes to my mind in regards to BGTP is that I myself am included in this. Sometimes the person I need to be good to is me! I am a firm believer in the art of self-care and how it isn’t a selfish act to invest in this art but one of the most altruistic things we can do to help care for and be good to others.

Other ways I can practice to Be Good to People:

  • Offer my full, undivided, un-distracted attention when I’m with people
  • Smile to others when I’m out and about
  • Consider my words carefully before speaking, asking myself: is it true?; is it necessary?; is it kind?
  • Share my love and gratitude for my friends & family with them
  • Volunteer for a worthy cause/organization
  • Monitor and adjust my tone of voice to reflect kindness & friendliness, especially when I’m tired/exhausted/worn out/stressed out
  • Reach out to my friends & family, whom I don’t see often, just to check in and say hello
  • Offer to set up a meal train for a loved one going through a hard time or post-surgery or when they’re sick
  • Practice random acts of kindness! (Example: I go to Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake pizza place regularly and I once brought the staff a bag of locally made cookies to share, as a thank you for their friendly service.)

There are a sea of possibilities.

May we keep ever in mind that we’re all in this together. Being good to people – which again, includes our own self – is of the highest art and benefit. In my own opinion and view, I’d much rather learn and practice how to BGTP then invest in trying to be a cape-crusader and “save the world.”


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