Deer Park, Day 17



Monday February 24th, 2020
Day 17

Solitude broken
Two brothers in the kitchen
Quietude no more

5:10am (DH)

Since it’s Lazy Day, I opted to venture down here to the DH instead of the TR, figuring some of the Earth Holder retreat staff might use it for a morning hangout spot. I’m particularly covetous about quietude and solitude in the early morning. When my mornings are compromised – absent of Q & S – I feel a mild strain on the whole of my day that follows.

I was planning to get a little more sleep this morning and didn’t set my alarm. But I woke naturally at 4:45am and then was unable to get back to sleep on account of our snoring neighbor on the other side of the wall.

As I write, I’m feeling a bit sleep-spacey.

Last night after dinner, Mike and I fetched a deck of cards and a magnetic hangman game from the TR and brought them back to our room to play them. We had such a good time playing games and drinking tea.

Before dinner last night, I decided to take on a small project in the Big Hall. While retrieving my headphones for the Dharma talk yesterday, I noticed what a tangled mess all of the extender cords for the headphones were. So I set to the task of discombulating them. I spent an hour emptying out one of the bins and wrapping all of the individual cords back up in an orderly fashion (see pics above). I’ll go back for part two sometime this morning. I probably have another hour’s worth of work left. I’m sure it won’t stay neat and organized for long but it was satisfying work all the same.


It’s 5:45am and Brothers are multiplying in the kitchen. With Lazy Day and breakfast not until 8am, I reckon they must be doing other prep work, perhaps in preparation for the Earth Holder retreat that starts on Wednesday. Noble Silence, which extends through breakfast each day, doesn’t seem to ever apply to the kitchen. The Brothers are chatting away in full voices. It’s also very sweet though too. To have my beloved quietude whisked away by young Brothers in the kitchen really isn’t so bad.



I leave tomorrow. I had Mike schedule me an Uber pick-up with his smartphone for 10am. And rather than summon a friend to come and fetch me when I land in Missoula, I decided instead to opt for a cab. I’m feeling as though I’d like to land and get home without much social interaction, so I called and scheduled a Green Taxi pick up as well.

After breakfast, I went back to the Big Hall for part two of my cord untangling project. It took me less time than I was thinking: about 45-minutes. It looks so nice!



I came back to our room around 9am to see if Mike was up yet. He was just rising. After a bit of readying time, we decided to walk up the fire road to “my rock spot.” We took our Contigos full of fresh tea and enjoyed sitting and chatting while over-viewing the Escondido Valley. We had a lovely time. We spent a little over an hour there and then came back to our room for some rest before Mike headed off for lunch and I took a nap.

This afternoon, I did some packing and preparations for leaving tomorrow; we did some laundry; and we took a walk to the Full Moon Deck. It’s been an enjoyable Lazy Day. It was nice to have a free and open, no schedule day with Mike before I leave.

Now I’m off to dinner. My last dinner here until I come back again next year (I super hope there’s tofu!).

Final after :)

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