20 Years & Counting

20 years ago today, when I was 20-years-old and Mike was 21, we were wed.

He is the warmth to my sun’s rising;
the turtle to my shell.
He is the manifestation of my heart’s calling
to mate for life with a kind and decent man.
And he’s messy and forgetful to my controlling
and organized and somehow we balance each
other out well and make a good team in this regard.

My heart sways in his direction no matter our distance.
And if we should part company too soon and unexpectedly,
whether by force or poor choice,
I will take comfort in knowing full well
that every precious coin spilling from the bank
of my broken heart, was worth its weight in gold.

Us, 20 years ago

How I stay in love with my person over the span of 20-years:

1. I Invest regularly and on-goingly in the relationship I have with myself. I take myself on dates; I spend quality time with myself; I get to know my own self well and practice to enjoy my own company.

2. I don’t half-ass sending off or greeting my person at the door of our dwelling place.

3. I practice to cultivate unconditional self-love. The more I accept and love all the parts of myself, the more I am able to accept and love my person for who he is – and the less bothered I am by things my person does that I think should be done differently.

4. I am ever diligent in monitoring and staying close in tune with the words I’m saying to him AND how I’m saying them. I know that words matter; tone of voice matters; energy matters. Every single time.

5. I take time to nourish and recharge myself when my personal battery is low. Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s one of the most important and beneficial acts I can do to help care well for my person.

2 thoughts on “20 Years & Counting

  1. Happy 20th! You have grown up together- I think of 2 vines intertwining.. taking care of you is taking care of him.. I wish you many more years growing together ❤️

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