I Heart the Woods

Penned on 7/20:

I’m contemplating morning today at 5,000 feet, by diving headlong into a gloriously warm and crackling fire in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. It was cold last night. The kind of cold that I still don’t entirely see coming in the July of summer, even though I consider myself an official Montanan, now that I’ve lived here a drop over half my life; even though I checked the weather before venturing out here and knew full well to expect temps in the high 30’s at night; even though we came well prepared, gear wise. Still, knowing it will be cold and experiencing it are two very different animals.



My Facebook post from yesterday:

Mike and I got home yesterday afternoon after spending two nights 5-miles back in the Scapegoat Wilderness with a group of lovely friends. I knew I’d take a body toll in doing this backpack trip – and I was right! Considering I carted a 27-pound pack in, and a 22-pound pack out, though, I figure I could be doing worse.

My nerve condition used to render me bed bound much of the time, now I’m just bed bound when I over do it, like today. I also used to walk with a cane on the daily, now I just use it once in a while, like today. This sort of trip is something I can only do once in a great while for sure but I’m so glad we did it. What a great spot! I love being out in the woods. And we camped right alongside the Blackfoot River – so great!


It is within the expanse of the woods that I am able to commune most unobstructedly with the grand design of this blue/green marble planet floating in space. If it weren’t for wild places, I reckon I would be frequently tipping towards empty (and not in the Buddhist usage of that word where empty really means full of everything else, but empty as in voided/depleted/no more petro in the tank).

Cheers to living in the great state of Montana, where nature runs rampant in all directions and sometimes, I run with it.

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