Lookout Tower

My Sky Perch

I returned home yesterday afternoon, after spending a week long stint in a lookout tower outside of Swan Lake, Montana, which I reserved 6-months ago. It was, in short, a life-affirming solo saunter. My husband Mike came up on Friday night and stayed through the weekend but the four nights prior to his arrival, I was there on my own.

In large part, I spent my time: listening, writing, making tea, and reading Mary Oliver. It was glorious and chilly and sometimes frightening. It was all the things.

I wrote…a lot. 33 penned large notebook lined pages front and back, for a total of 66 pages to be exact. So much, in fact, that I’ve decided to fashion it all into a small bound booklet that I’ll look to print locally and make available for sale, which I plan on entitling: Sky Perch, One week worth of words from a lookout tower. Never mind waiting around for publication from a reputable and established press. I’m fixin on just making this one happen on my own.

Snippet of writing from the tower:

This unfurling of pine

in pools below my naked feet,

have virtues I’ll never fully know –

like patience and ease

and grace.


I like to think I’ve made some progress

and have set myself on the proper path

for more to come.


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