Warmth and Flicker

16 Sep

There’s a sigh of relief that only a campfire can foster;

a certain person we become – or rather return to – in the company of its flames;

and a unique opening of the heart that is only possible in its warmth and flicker.


Having gone to bed a little earlier than usual last night, I woke naturally just after 4am this morning. It was 47 degrees outside, as I sat on the back porch, bundled up in a hoodie and blanket, sipping tea, and writing by lantern light. This is what I penned in my journal:

Quietude is more than the slowing down of surrounding sounds. It is an internal settling of our mental chatterings, too. Of course, each is affected by the other, but I reckon it is more realistic – and often more beneficial – to take charge of the latter.

To still the din around us is typically not a matter of choice. We can dampen it. We can ward it off for a bit. We can tuck into the woods and perhaps leave it behind for a while. But the clamor of living, sifting beings will be there to greet us upon our return.

There’s a quietude that can remain, however, amid even the noisiest of places. There are skillsets we can develop and hone, which will enable us to stay accompanied with a calm that is not easily tossed out to sea when a siren wales, or we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a throng of people.


Around 5am, inspiration struck. With an electric start, I realized I had all of the necessary ingredients with which to make a campfire. Huzzah!

A short while later, with our new solar lantern in tow (see pic above), I set to continue writing in the glow of the fire.

This morning, with the fire and writing and a cup of tea, marked one of the very best times I’ve had in a long while.

Cats, campfires, and cups of tea each conspire to craft the perfect invitation in which to settle in to ourselves and rest for a spell.

And all 3 together?

Well, that’s an embarrassment of riches I had not known prior to this morning.


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2 responses to “Warmth and Flicker

  1. ViewPacific

    September 16, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    Looks like a wonderful warmth! šŸ‘


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