Last Week’s Travels in Brief

Lolo Pass

Friday (Aug 31st), a motorcycle ride to Lolo Pass revealed a furthering of a truth I’d already suspected: autumn is edging out summer in the mountains.

Missoula airport

Saturday, 3 planes to cross the country revealed another wave of contemplation of the many ways I connect with my sense of what it means to be home.

Day of mindfulness at Morning Sun, outdoor walking meditation

Sunday, a community of path-walkers gathered in the woods, revealed a higher calling to go the way of the ancient urging of togetherness.

Monday, waking at 5am in a yurt held by green, leafy surroundings and moist air hanging low like garland in the trees, revealed an insight that I was living – in many more ways than one – in the round.

Tuesday, a drive through parts of 7 states – asphalt rivers unfurling in all directions – revealed how very different a stretch of 5.5 hours can feel when you’re driving on the East Coast vs that of Big Sky Country.

Some of my people :)

Wednesday, a whirlwind tour with friends and family, which included 15 people in 5 different locations, revealed how much stamina I can muster once in a while, when it’s needed.

Thursday, part 2 of my interstate travels revealed a waning of energy later brought to grief and mild frenzy upon getting lost for a short spell in the town of my final destination.

Morning Sun roof project

Friday, a day of rooftop labor revealed a resurgence of my love for manual labor, along with a non-boastful pride in my ability to not shirk away from grunt work and getting dirty.

4-hour layover at MSP

Saturday, a day of air travel westward ho, sharing close space with the masses, revealed once again our inherent human nature of being a collaboration of energy.


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