Six Parts

On Death

This I know for sure: we are all of the nature to die. And we would do well to view this day – each day – as precious, as we can all go at any time.

On Life

Live it up baby – take a risk – shine – do that thing you’ve been aching to do – put yourself out there and be one with not the many but the few who learn how to transform their situation from within.

On Love

The way I see it, love is the destination we set our compass to travel in, our collective destination with only new beginnings and no end, a path that swells, quakes, cracks, and bends in rhythm from the gravity of our own intentions.

On Nature

We’ve grown unaccustomed to the fluid, grounded, rooted raw potency of her allure – we need to remedy our disconnection from her wisdom, view her not as separate but as an extension of who we are, and stand bare-footed in her graces.

On Stillness, Silence, Solitude, Sovereignty, and Slowing Down

The s-word tying all of these delicious, unfamiliar words together is spaciousness, which has to do with inserting slivers of conscious awareness in the heart of our being – an opening in the clouds that allows for the possibility of seeing things more clearly and then percolating amid what comes up.

On Humor

Heaviness is stifling and lightness of disposition is a virtue and I’d rather laugh at myself for looming in the fray of upheaval then berate myself for being human in the may-lay of every day’s ups and downs. Life is too short to take it so seriously – disregard all that you’ve found that doesn’t jive with this philosophy, in order to make the art of letting go pave the road of life’s amazing journey.

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