Praise & Blame

I’ve been thinking about the notions of praise and blame lately. Mainly about how common it is to fall prey to them and how empty they are of value and meaning. The other day, when I was on an airplane coming home, one of things I wrote down in my journal was:

As long as we’re looking for something outside of our own inner landscape to complete, validate, or otherwise be the maker of our sorrow and/or happiness, we will continue to suffer. And suffer we will – for the rest of our days.

What praise and blame have in common is that they help perpetuate the illusion that other people’s actions and words are what determine our quality of life. We are often dependent on others to both build up and maintain our self-worth and value and take the fall for any amount of discomfort or discontent we experience. We are continually putting our state of mental and emotional well-being in the hands of those around us.


So, how do we practice to develop a deeper sense of equanimity and balance? How do we step into a prideless state of humility and ease? We continue to cultivate well our own mindscape, to take control of our words and actions – and we keep on meditating.

The fruits of the practice will blossom as long as we stay active and diligent on the path of awakening.

One thought on “Praise & Blame

  1. I have been a Buddhist for about sixteen years; I love this path of compassion. I am so grateful for this and all of your posts. Even after following this path for so many years, I find that I always love being reminded of what is important. For me, there is no such thing as ‘too much’ with words of wisdom and kindness such as these. Thank you.

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