My Practice Today

My practice today is to remember:

I can’t do everything.

I cannot “save” anyone else.

I practice for myself, not to affect change in others.

I need to keep my own tanks full (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) in order to be of support to others.

I can take refuge in the island of myself – and I can sing this lovely practice song, as an added support: “Breathing in I go back to the island within myself, there are beautiful trees within the island, there are clear streams of water, there are birds, sunshine, and fresh air, breathing out I feel safe, I enjoy going back to my island.”

Breathing in, I come back to my own practice

Breathing out, I let go of my feelings of needing to fix someone else’s difficult situation

3 thoughts on “My Practice Today

  1. Thank you for this supportive “bell” of mindfulness- I really needed the reminder that I have to practice for myself and not to make changes in others- And a big one for me is not to compare my practice to that of others!

    • Thanks for posting and sharing Kathi – it’s funny you mentioned comparison, as that’s been a big topic I’ve been thinking about, too, lately. I gave a talk last Monday night at sangha and shared one of my favorite quotes, by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s a great quote and practice mantra for me to keep in mind, too.

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