Random Acts of Kindness Week!


Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 12th-18th



Let’s get our kindness on! :) I’ve been enjoying making these, in preparation to help celebrate RAK Week:

dscn6088Front of the cards – with the ones I’ve yet to draw on pictured at the top

dscn6089Back of the cards

I found this pack of Valentine’s Day cards on sale for $2 at a grocery store. As you can see, I covered over the V-Day greeting on the back, with mailing labels, and then wrote on top of them: Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week :) As it was a card set designed to have drawings created on them, I’ve been having a blast crafting each one of them a little bit differently. I mailed out a few of them to friends and family, who live in other states, and intend to pass out the rest to strangers, over the course of the next week.

It’s relatively easy to give negative points of feedback to businesses and offices, but how often do we take the time to offer our appreciation and acknowledgment of their service and attributes? For me, the answer is: not very often! This year’s Random Acts of Kindness Week inspired me to make a little bit of progress in a new direction. I have been making it a point to offer words of thanks and give positive feedback to places which I highly value and appreciate. I filled out a feedback card at our local organic grocery store, telling them how grateful I am for their work in supporting our community, by providing access to good food, and how friendly and warm I find their staff and workers to be. I also did an online review of my chiropractor, voicing how skilled and knowledgeable he is and how beneficial it’s been to my health and functioning abilities to receive adjustments from him. And I intend on sending a card to my physical therapist, who worked with me diligently every week for over a year, both before and after my shoulder surgery, in the summer of 2015, to let her know how great I’m doing and how much I appreciated her care and support in helping me to get my function back.

We all know that kindness is something to cultivate year-round and that we don’t need a special holiday in order to practice it, however, it’s highly worth our time and energy to invest special attention in spreading kindness in such concentrated opportunities as this RAK Week provides. Sure we want to be kind on a daily basis, but how often do we actually put our focus on and make it a priority to perform Random Acts of Kindness?

May we use this upcoming week as a source of great inspiration and a call to action!

The possibilities are endless! Try not to get stuck in coming up with ideas, though, oftentimes simple is best. Any and all acts we do with kindness make a difference, truly.

Here are some more ideas, just in case it proves helpful (and you can check out the website listed above, too!):


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