Bumper Sticker Practice, Part 2

t2ec16hzqe9s3sufkfbse9lrlmg60_35This is Part 2 of a two part blog post, to read Part 1 click here!

From Part 1: “Earlier this year I came up with a new mindfulness practice: bumper stickers! OK, let me explain. I like finding new and inventive ways to cultivate daily mindfulness, which means paying intentional attention to something in particular. Being mindful means being mindful of something. And that something can be anything! Anything that allows us the opportunity to practice getting in touch with and connected to the present moment can be considered a practice of mindfulness. And it’s fun to find new things in which to practice with.

So, in January this idea of bumper sticker mindfulness came to me. For each month in 2016 I would practice noticing bumper stickers, while cruising around town. In order to put a little extra weight on this new mindfulness practice, to help encourage me to do it, I would also write down the bumper stickers that caught my eye as being especially odd, funny or interesting. I then also resolved to write a blog post about it further into the year (with Part 1 having been written in June).

As an FYI: my bumper sticker rules included only writing down bumper stickers I saw in action, meaning displayed on cars – so bumper stickers I saw for sale in a store didn’t count. I have a nice little notebook and an easily accessible pen in my car that I scribbled down all of the ones I saw that I deemed worth noting.”

I was a little bit concerned that I had exhausted all of the good bumper stickers in town after posting Part 1, given that Missoula is a smallish place. But I’ve been delighted to find a wealth of interesting new stickers over the past 6 months. I’m also brainstorming for my next new mindfulness practice come January and feel fairly confident that it will once again involve something I’m able to do while driving. As it turned out, my bumper sticker practice wonderfully aided in reducing the frustration I routinely experience while driving. I found myself willing lights to turn red, so I could stop behind a car sporting a new sticker to read. It was like a great treasure hunt every time I took to the streets!

Here are the stickers I jotted down, in order of date seen, since June:

PLEASE NOTE: These are simply the stickers I saw around town; they don’t necessarily reflect my own personal views.

If you want peace, stop paying for war

Well behaved women seldom make history

War doesn’t show who’s right, just who’s left

Non-judgement day is near

Spiritual people inspire me, religious people frighten me

I always wanted to be somebody, now I realize I should’ve been more specific

Here comes trouble

Got light?

Honk if things fall off*

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Happiness is being in the barn

Sometimes I wrestle with my dreams, sometimes we just snuggle*

Coffee wins!

Love your farmer

Does this ass make my truck look big?

Simplify your life

Snark happens*

Girls kick ass

If you ain’t gonna cowboy up go sit in the truck

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way

Beware of invisible cows*

I (heart sign) my cockapoo

Ski like a girl

I (heart sign) my wife*

I danced my pants off at the Red Ants Pants music festival

I express myself through mass-produced bumper stickers**

Love is our soul purpose**

I’m already against the next war**

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences**

What happens in Missoula stays in Missoula**

Actions speak louder than bumper stickers**

Frankly my dear I don’t want a dam

What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?

Racism hurts everyone

Dog is my co-pilot

YAY Hiking!

Resisting change since 1889 (sticker in the shape of Montana)

I break for butterflys

My cat is smarter than your honor student

Incidents happen

What would Walt Whitman do?

I know who I am and I am who I know

Spray & neuter your pets and your weird friends & relatives!

I found the finish line, enough is enough

Music makes you smarter

Look pretty, play dirty

Live a great story

No bad vibes

Border Collies, the only breed “that’ll do”

Love > Fear

Gut fish?

Have you hugged a farmer today?

Music really does make the world a better place

I trip over my wiener (picture of a wiener dog beside it)

At last all the chickens have been set free

Not a soccer mom

Ride naked

I hunt I fish I vote

Well behaved Border Collies rarely make history

Remember real life?

Guns don’t kill people, people with mustaches kill people*

Find what you love, love what you find

Purr more hiss less*

Walking with Jesus

Believe in paradox

To err is human, to arr is pirate*

Fish naked

See bicycles

Once you go loose, you’ll never go bag (from a local tea shop)

I got soul, what you got?

I aim to misbehave

I break for turtles, frogs, sticks, and leaves*

Hike naked, it adds color to your cheeks*

Reproductive rights are human rights

It’s not rocket science, oh wait it is! (NASA sticker)*

God doesn’t believe in atheists

No farms no food

Gravity is a theory*

*My personal favorites

**There’s a local work van in town that had 30 stickers plastered on the back of it, of which these were a few. It was parked on the street and I circled the block to park behind it so I could write some of them down :)

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