Ever since I started driving, at age 16, I’ve experienced inexplicable enjoyment from the pairing of blasting the heat while driving with the windows down on cold, cold nights.

After training myself to like the taste of coffee and cigarettes, I found them to be a great accompaniment. And with just the right song playing, I felt invincible.

Fast forward 21 years – substituting night for the darkness of early morning, coffee for tea, cigarettes for my favorite pen and some paper, driving with the windows down and heat on high for propping open my front door while bundled up in layers on the couch, and music for silence, little has changed.

It still all merges together in this brilliant orchestra – the pairing of fresh cool air and warm comfort, time well spent with myself alone, creative self-expression through the medium of a less obstructed hour.

It is moments like these, that I hold in such high regard, that make me feel certain of my immortality, in a much larger sense of the word than I ever thought possible.

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