Law of Attraction?


In town here we have a local, organic food market called the Good Food Store (GFS). It’s not uncommon for me to hear from folks who feel that they’re being looked down upon or treated rudely by other patrons, whom they deem as being rich and snobby. Some folks report feeling very uncomfortable shopping at the GFS, due to a perceived wealth factor involved.

While it’s true that it does take a certain amount of money in order to afford natural, organic foods (unfortunately) – well, either that or a certain level of determination (my husband and I are definitely on the low-income spectrum of things but, due to our minimalist type of lifestyle, we are able to make a choice to spend what money we do have on purchasing more sustainable, healthy foods, as much as we can – although it’s important to mention that this, too, is a luxury, not everyone has the ability to make this choice) – I will also say that I, myself, am not wealthy at all and have been going to the GFS at least 3 times a week, for many years now, and have never felt mistreated by another customer there. I’ve never felt looked down upon due to the fact that I am in the low-income bracket of society (and roll into the parking lot in my ’94 Subaru covered in dents, peeling paint, and sounding like a small jet engine on account of having half my muffler missing :).

This dynamic of how perspectives are created has me thinking about the law of attraction. It seems to me that there are two main ways that the law of attraction can play itself out:

  • The first way deals with how we perceive the world and what lenses we’re looking through. Meaning, as the Buddha stated, “With our thoughts we make the world.” So, if we think others are looking down on us or judging us in some fashion, then that’s what’s happening simply because we’ve decided that’s the way it is. Only, it’s not what’s really going on. It’s our feelings of self-consciousness and projections that are running the show. This can cut the other way, too. If our perception of the world is upbeat, positive, and well grounded then that becomes the daily paradigm we live in.
  • The second way deals with actual occurrences happening as a result of the energy we’re putting out. For instance, I know someone who gets taken advantage of quite a bit. They are continuously getting into situations where they feel used or betrayed or treated poorly. Due to their energy of low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness, they tend to attract  certain types of hurtful encounters with people, which then leads to perpetuating the same cycle of having a low self-image.

My personal paradigm includes good people doing the best they can, living the best way they know how. But it seems that many people do not subscribe to this particular worldview. Many people think others are constantly looking at, judging, critiquing, and ripping them apart. Going through life like that must be very challenging indeed. Not to mention exhausting.

When we practice owning our personal quality of being, projections and self-consciousness start to fade away into the comfort of being just who we are, in our own skin. When we develop confidence in how we engage with our surroundings, those surroundings then begin to match our stride. The more we transform our unskillful states of mind, the more the people, places, and things around us transform as a result.

We are creating the world we live in, right here in this moment. Every word, action, exchange, and thought cultivates the path we traverse down. The quality of our day today isn’t up to anyone else but us. We, ourselves, are who we’re waiting for to make a difference. How our lives are unfolding is truly up to us – and thank goodness for that.

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