Tipping Point

15 Jun


In dedication for the lives lost, and affected,
in the Orlando shooting on June 12th, 2016

We as a global community,
regardless of race, creed, orientation,
gender, age, origin, likes/dislikes,
and any other category that may be used
to otherwise separate us from our shared humanity,
grieve in unison.

Our hearts are heavy
and full of sorrow.

Please remember,
we are all in this together,
both those we seek to understand
and those whom we seek to blame.
We are not separate.

Breathing in, we hold our grief and anger with love and care.
Breathing out, we look deeply and nourish our compassion.


Yesterday, while encountering the surgeons who had worked on those injured in the Orlando shooting being interviewed on the news playing at the laundromat, I realized that my own personal scales had been tipped in the direction of over-saturation. Otherwise stated, I saw that it was no longer beneficial for me to continue reading or watching news updates relating to the shooting that happened in Orlando. It’s easy to keep reading and re-reading the same news information. Easy to want to “keep up” with the small updates that unfold regarding a news story. But when I really tune into my experience I can see when that sort of obsessive behavior sets in and becomes detrimental. I do my best to practice engaging with the news to the extent that I am able to gain the necessary amount of information in order to expand my perspective and water my seeds of understanding and compassion. And once it starts tipping in the direction of simply acquiring minute details, re-hashing the same information, or inflaming the situation or my own emotions I do my best to practice stepping away.

It can be difficult to stay emotionally balanced during tumultuous times in world news or local politics, especially in this age of 24-hour scrolling television news and pocket Internet. But we can tune into our own experience and make a choice as to what seeds we’re watering and how we want to spend our time and then move forward from there accordingly. It’s easy to get swept away, in the news and in our own thoughts and feelings. May we practice being in touch with ourselves today. May we look deeply to see what seeds we’re choosing to water, so that we may hold our grief and upset with care and healing intention.


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2 responses to “Tipping Point

  1. smilecalm

    June 19, 2016 at 9:46 am

    I heard Thay say
    he never listens to the news.
    If something important happens
    others would inform him, eventually :-)

    • goingoutwordsandinwords

      June 26, 2016 at 11:15 am

      I’m not sure that would work so well for me personally :) But that makes sense that Thay could operate in that fashion, with the loving four-fold community surrounding him :)


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