On Resting

Civp1xiUoAAl9pP.jpg_large       (from Buddha Doodles by Molly Hahn)

This morning, on my writer’s facebook page I posted this:

Sometimes, I have to remind myself
about the extent of my human nature.
My vast tendency to tire,
to grow weary,
to sink into foggy states of clarity.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself
about the extent of my human potential.
My ability to begin anew,
to grow steady and strong,
to thrive into brilliant states of awakening.
To rest and revive once again.


I find that I’ve really gotten quite good at the practice of resting – and it is a practice, indeed. Due to the nature of having chronic pain and illness I was offered, firsthand, the lesson about how when we take good care of ourselves we are, in turn, taking good care of those around us – how we must learn to care well for ourselves if we are to care well for others. And, while some days are easier than others, I’ve made great progress in understanding what this teaching has to offer.

Rest is the great restorer of energy and motivation, it refreshes and revitalizes. It’s a vital component of our well-being. And its importance is extremely underestimated and undervalued. As a human collective we have the tendency to either rail against the art of resting or not know how to do it all together. We also tend to give ourselves a very hard time, when and if we finally submit to it, feeling lazy and useless, as though we should be doing something else.

Having certain physical limitations and health challenges has afforded me a better vantage point regarding the nature of resting. It’s simple really. When I don’t make the time to rest each day, I am unable to do the things I most enjoy doing, I’m unable to engage in all the ways I want to engage. Resting allows me to restore myself and begin anew. Please note, I’ve put in bold the most important words :)

Yesterday on twitter I came across these words: You don’t FIND the time to write, you MAKE the time to write. How true! The same applies to resting (and really any sort of beneficial/healthy/helpful practice or routine): You don’t find the time to rest, you make the time to rest – otherwise, an entire lifetime might pass us by as we’re sitting around waiting for something to change.

Sometimes, like now, I think my energy tank should be getting restored much quicker than it is and I get impatient to bounce back up again into my regular swing of things. And so, sometimes, I have to remind myself about all of this…and listen well.


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