Too Many Labels

06 May


There are too many labels that we can get tripped up on, tongue tied over, and lost in the thickets about. While sometimes helpful, labels often become a pitfall holding us back when we affix ourselves to their binding, lashing them together like a raft to float upon.

I’m a woman,
a vegetarian,
a stepmom,
a homemaker,
someone who has chronic pain & illness,
a community organizer,
a hospice volunteer,
a drummer,
a faith leader,
a spoken word artist,
a musician,
a dancer,
a motorcycle entusiast,
a meditator,
a nanny,
a wife,
a daughter,
a friend,
a director,
a concerned citizen,
a proud Missoulian –
So what?!!

While these are all parts if who I am
they are not me –
I do not over-identify
with any particular label that might apply,
because there is no such thing as a separate self,
and as soon as I step proudly into any one distinction
I’ve already lost sight of the bigger picture

We are not mere waves on the surface of the ocean,
we are made of water,
ever present in the churning tides and fragrant sunsets
that breathe meaning into life


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