A New Rug

05 Mar


Yep, that’s right. This post is about a new rug I just bought yesterday (pictured above). And while you may be wondering what the big deal is I’m proud to say that it is a rather big deal, of sorts, because it means that I don’t take lightly my consumeristic tendencies.

My husband, teenage step-son, 2 orange cats, and I have been living in our under 600 square-foot house for the past 13 years. Which, I might add, is under the average 750 square-foot New York City apartment size. Otherwise stated, we have a small little dwelling that we cohabitate. It’s a cozy and lovely home. Given the small size we are naturally afforded the important opportunity to carefully choose what to surround ourselves with. Having a small home is really a great luxury and offers many conveniences – one of which is to be more mindful about what and how we consume (it’s a convenience because more stuff equates to more money spent, more work to do, more cleaning and upkeep – less stuff simply means less to do!). Mike and I are thrifty and eco-minded in nature but, as we’ve spent most of our married life together in this small house, its size has allowed for a strong foundation to be further cultivated in regards to being more mindful consumers.

Hence, a new rug becomes a big deal – and wonderfully so! The one it replaced held up very well and originated when we bought the house – it’s been a faithful and appreciated companion in our living room space. But now, as it has become flattened like a piece of paper with the vigor of age and wear, and weighted down with years of trapped dirt, it’s time for it to retire from its lovingly held post. But this is not a goodbye forever. The old rug is still in relatively good shape so there’s no need for us to throw it away. I simply placed it in holding out in the garage until we find another use for it, which I’m confident we will, in time. And as I rolled it up and carried it with care out to the garage I had a one-way dialog with it (ya know, because rugs can’t talk at all). I told it how much I’ve appreciated its service through the years, how it’s added a lot of warmth and comfort to our home, and how it’s been a good friend. Then I went back inside and rolled out our new home addition: a brand new rug, which I welcomed with a smile, firm in the certitude of experience that it will soon become a beloved member of the household.



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