Vision Board


A few weeks ago I was invited to meet up with a couple of friends in order to work on a vision board.  The plan was to gather up our art supplies and set an intentional time in which to work on this project together.  I had never done a vision board before and was honestly more drawn to simply supporting my friend’s idea of wanting to do this more so than the actual doing of it was concerned but I was plenty happy to figure out just what the heck I would put on my board when the time came.

Before my friends and I met up for the first time a few weeks ago I mentioned the project to my husband Mike and said, “Gosh I really have no idea what to put on my vision board.”  With quickness and ease he offered, “Why don’t you include stuff about our wanting to find land and build a practice community?”  Huzzah!  Of course!  That was the perfect idea!  Thank goodness for getting inspiration from those around us :)

Ever since we met my husband and I have held the dream of buying land and building our own house.  Over the years our vision has expanded to include a mindfulness practice center with retreat and communal living opportunities.  We’ve been loosely looking at land and wish to amp up our efforts this coming year.  So doing a vision board to help set our intentions in this direction was well timed.

My vision board, done on some cool, old, textured wall paper, can be seen in the pic above.  It now hangs by my desk where I do most of my writing.  I collected and pressed the leaves this past fall.  The Zen saying posted at the bottom reads:


I resonate with this saying.  It helps me to stay grounded when I start thinking that our vision is too big or too lofty or too unobtainable.  Moving beyond our fear is the key.  Sometimes we just need to do it, whatever it is we want to do, and see what happens.  Sometimes the action part of the equation makes way for stuff to happen and fall into place.  Sometimes we just need to get the ball rolling.  And that’s what this vision board I made is all about: getting the ball in motion.  Here’s to us all in being able to actualize our vision for the future!

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