Sometimes That Happens


If I had a slogan or a message I’d like to pass along to future generations to keep in mind it would be this: Sometimes that happens.

It can serve in many practical functions. It’s a great way to respond to children about all sorts of things:

  • Little Billy breaks his favorite toy – “Oh darn, sometimes that happens.”
  • Little Sally complains about eating her broccoli – “I know it’s not your favorite, sometimes that happens.”
  • Little Frank falls down and skins his knee – “Ouch, sometimes that happens.”

It’s a great way to respond to our own inner and outer environments, or other adults, as well:

  • You or someone you know has a crappy day – “Sometimes that happens.”
  • You say to yourself: Gosh I feel sooo lousy today – “Sometimes that happens.”
  • The roads are super icy and challenging to drive on – “Sometimes that happens.”
  • The lady in front of you in line at the grocery store is taking FOREVER! – “Sometimes that happens.”
  • The dude in the car behind you is honking at you for stopping in the middle of the street because he doesn’t see that you’ve done so to let a pedestrian cross in front of you – “Sometimes that happens.”

It’s a widely adaptable phrase.  One to carry with us in our pockets on the go.  And we don’t have to necessarily say it out loud even.  We can say it in our minds, in our hearts, and in the our actions that follow.  We say it with love, care, and a deep sense of connection and understanding.  We say it as a way to acknowledge, embrace, and let go.


My second slogan, if I were allowed to have two, would be one that my husband, stepson, and I use frequently in a real/joking context: It could be worse.  To which one of us inevitably then adds: Yeah, we could be on fire.  Which really would be worse!  We use the first part when inconvenient, mildly frustrating, slightly troubling things occur.  But then we add the second part to lighten the mood (albeit with a rather darkened sense of humor).

Both of these slogans have a large potency to slowly transform our inner landscape over time.  While they may seem trivial or trite or perhaps even dismissive there is a great power enveloped into each one.  Because in regards to everything that has ever and will ever happen no matter how unfair or challenging or upsetting it will continue to stand true to say, “Sometimes that happens,” and “It could be worse. I could be on fire.”  These slogans are good practice and will help us to widen our perspective, touch the realm of interbeing, and infuse a dose of humor into our day for good measure, which is almost always a beneficial and worth while thing to do :)


3 thoughts on “Sometimes That Happens

  1. “Sometimes that happens.”
    Short enough for me to remember even when sleepy or stressed.
    Plus, I smile whenever I even think it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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