It’s not super uncommon for me to say to myself when approaching the kitchen sink, “How are there always dishes in here?!”  Some days it seems like all I do is wash dishes.  I know I’m not alone here.  I’m sure almost everyone whose reading this can relate to this experience.  I can do the dishes after dinner and within an hour or two there’s at least one dirty cup sitting in the sink.  I can go to bed comforted by the glistening emptiness of the kitchen sink only to wake up at 5:00am to a small plate or a bowl and spoon from my husband’s late night snack.  It really does seem like an oddity to have a completely empty sink.

It occurred to me just the other day that my not super uncommon question/remark in regards to there being dishes in the sink points to an expectation that I’m holding onto.  An expectation that dishes somehow shouldn’t be in the sink, at least at certain times of day, which of course is non-sense.  I realized that my frustration arises not because of the presence of dishes in the sink but because I keep expecting that the sink should be empty – which simply isn’t the case most of the time.

I got to thinking about what other kinds of expectations I might unknowingly be carrying around to my detriment.  Big things, little things, everyday things.  Our expectations have the potential to create a lot of unnecessary suffering.  It’s unnecessary because our expectations are self-created and often not based in logic or rational thought.  Waiting for the sink to be void of dishes for some elongated amount of time is like waiting for it to get warmer amid the winter mountains of Montana.  It simply doesn’t make any sense.  How many other things am I waiting for to change in some way that simply isn’t realistic?

2 thoughts on “Dishes?!

    • I think it’s all of our’s sink :) The collective human sink! (Funny thing is when I went to write this I was going to take a picture of my own sink to accompany this post but at the time my sink really was empty – so I took the easy route and found this image online)

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