IMG_7444Sunset last Friday night in Missoula

With the beauty of autumn unfolding here in the Rocky Mountains of Montana I’ve been thinking about the fertile opportunities  that transitions offer us.  I was imagining what it would be like if there were no autumn season here.  What if we jumped overnight from summer to winter?  Yikes!  Or what if babies grew up in a matter of days rather than a matter of years?  Double yikes!

Sometimes transitions can allow us the chance to ease into the impermanent nature of things.  They can be a time of richness and spaciousness.  They can also be challenging and at times very difficult.  Moving from one thing to another thing often takes a period of transition time in between.  And this in-between time can often involve inner feelings of both harmony and dis-harmony happening together at the same time.

Whether we’re going from summer to fall, moving from one town to another, parenting an ever-changing, growing child, entering a new phase of adulthood, or starting over in a new job or relationship things take time to adjust to.  We are not static beings living in a fixed environment.  We are always changing.  Our surroundings are always changing.  Our loved ones are always changing.

Some things we transition to easier than others.  And some things seem to take a life time to get used to.  May we recognize all of the transitions that manifest in our lives and learn to take good care of ourselves in the process.  It really is the journey, not the destination, that matters.


6 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Gorgeous photos. And it’s really true–we’re always in a transition, or our circumstances and worldly lives are; the being present part is what is unchanging. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you :) I feel very fortunate to live in the mountains of Montana. There is so much beauty here! While there is beauty everywhere I think we all tend to resonate with different types and this is my kind of beauty here :)

  3. What beautiful country to be mindful in and about! We are in constant flux, but we do go through more significant and intense changes every now and again and I think you capture very well the tone and tenure of that as well as a very sane approach to dealing with it. Thank you for this.

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