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I Heart-Sign Montana

Clark Fork River Saturday Market, Missoula, MT

Clark Fork River Saturday Market, Missoula, MT


Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia I moved to western Montana in 1998 after my first year of college, which I attended right out of high school.  While the east coast will always be my native homeland and have special meaning, as the place where I was born and raised, Montana’s where my heart is.  Our humble university town of Missoula is a liberal oasis in our expansive Big Sky state.  Summer in Missoula involves floating the rivers, hiking, biking, camping, berry picking, festivals, music, local foods, gardening, and our 3 weekly Saturday outdoor markets for produce, food, and arts & crafts.  I love it here in Missoula and I am grateful for the opportunity to live here and call this home :)

Here’s a visual display of some of what I love about this area:

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Sitting Meditation


Last spring I did a self-propelled 21-day sitting meditation challenge.  As the title suggests I sat everyday for 21-days in a row in hopes of establishing a pattern of sitting daily.  And it worked!  Its been over a year since then and I still continue to practice sitting meditation everyday, minus a day here and there.

Now, I would be remiss if I thought it was only the act of sitting for 21-days in a row that allowed me to finally start sitting everyday on my own.  Although for some folks that may indeed be enough.  Nothing exists by itself alone and I see clearly that all of my actions, practice, and intentions leading up to starting that challenge also factored in to a successful outcome.

I wanted to share a little meditation secret that I have a sense is not commonly known.  OK, are you ready?  Here it is: There will always be something else you could be doing besides sitting meditation (bills, phone calls, laundry, watching youtube, picking your nose…) so if you are wanting to start a daily practice you will have to do it even when you “know” you don’t have the time for it.  Because the thing is, if you think you’re too busy to sit you’ll probably always be too busy to sit.  The mind is very tricky that way.  Life is life and will continue to be so.  It isn’t life getting in the way of our practice, it’s us.

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