Everything Changes


As summer slowly turns to fall with the setting sun edging towards the horizon noticeably earlier each day, my stepson becomes a freshman in high school, and I begin my first job search in 6-7 years (since my health has been improving) I am put in touch with the nature of impermanence.  Everything changes!

Hand in hand with the practice of embracing impermanence is the practice of letting go.  Oftentimes in order to embrace one thing we must be able to let something else go.  In order to embrace fall we must let go of the summer.  To embrace our children as they grow and mature we must be able to let go of who they once were and how we, as parents, once treated them.  Everything and everyone are of the nature to change.  The more we expect things and people and ourselves to stay the same the more we will continue to be disappointed when the opposite inevitably happens.


There are many truths in life that we can oftentimes ignore or misinterpret, which in turn can cause us a great amount of suffering.

Some of Life’s Truths:

1. Life is impermanent.  Everything & everyone changes.

2. How we live our lives is up to us.   Our well being is not in anyone else’s hands but our own.

3. We are of the nature to have ill health, injuries, and to die.

4. The seeds that we water in our life are what will grow.  When we water seeds of anger, hate, judgement, and negativity they will grow and strengthen within us.  When we water seeds of joy, ease, compassion, and understanding they will grow and strengthen within us.

5. We don’t know as much as we think we do – especially when it comes to the lives and behavior of other people.

6. The more tightly we grasp onto our ideas, thoughts, and emotions the more we will suffer and the less we will be able to practice letting go, which is crucial for transformation, acceptance, and healing.

7. We are all interconnected.  No one and nothing is separate.

8. Life is non-dualistic.  It is not good or bad – it is both at the same time and neither.  Life simply is as it is.

9. There is a vast amount of causes, conditions, people, and things to be grateful for in any given moment.

10. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet happened.  This moment, right now, is all we have for sure to be truly alive.  This moment, this is it!


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