Practice Smiling


Many of us do not smile very much.  We may find that we will offer a smile around others who smile but when left to our own devices we may not smile very often at all.  Smiling is a practice that we all benefit from.  To practice smiling is also to practice joy.

Smiling is not a mere pleasantry or nicety.  It is an important component of well being for ourselves and those around us.  Sometimes we are too wrapped up in our own suffering, our own discomfort, or are too self-conscience to smile.  Sometimes we need to practice getting out of our own way in order to smile.

Let us practice together dear friends.  The more we practice the more we’ll keep practicing and the easier it will become.  Please shine your beautiful smile today :)

2 thoughts on “Practice Smiling

  1. I enjoy Thay’s reminders to smile inward, to our dear heart. I’ve noticed that an outward smile emerges with no effort, and I often first notice it reflected in those around me.

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