Red Sun Labyrinth


Today I went on an impromptu solo excursion to Redsun Labyrinth.  Located about 40 miles from town in the Bitterroot Mountains the labyrinth sits on private land and is simply beautiful.  It is easy to find and lovingly maintained.  Luckily there are easy to follow signs guiding and welcoming you along the way to the labyrinth because with it inhabiting private land it’s a bit counterintuitive to simply park in a stranger’s driveway and walk in through their front gate past their house and over their lawn (which is what you have to do).  The fact that the labyrinth is open to the public, sits on privately owned land, and simply operates on general trust and donations is pretty spectacular.


It was a big blue sky Montana morning when I arrived at the labyrinth.  I felt a great sense of mindful intention and reverence when I entered through the front gate.  Perfuming the air was a mixture of sweet fragrant flowers and bushes infused with the fresh open exhalation of the snow tipped mountains.  A wide path had been mowed around the outside of the labyrinth encircling it with a lush soft green fabric of grass.  The labyrinth itself was enclosed in the arms of lovely garden beds and vegetation with birds and butterflies flitting around.  It felt very warm, friendly, and inviting.  Nature and beauty abounded everywhere and I was filled with gratitude for being able to visit and experience this special place.


Before entering the door to the labyrinth (pictured above) I sat for a few minutes in meditation, nestled in the grass and soaking up the sun.  After my sitting I bowed to the earth in gratitude for this one precious life, for beauty, nature, and for the coming together of all things to form that very moment I had found myself in.  It took me a slow, leisurely 20 minutes to walk the labyrinth one way to the center and with each bend and turn in the path I was afforded a new mountainous view.  Walking in the spirit of freedom and lightness I felt connected to my breath, my body, and the earth beneath my two feet.

 It was a splendidly refreshing encounter bathing in the summer waters of mirth and abundance :)

Redsun Labyrinth

Redsun Labyrinth

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